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Wedding Photography

Planning your Wedding might be fun but at the same time stressful.  To the thousand and one worries with the venue or catering, you also have to choose who will be your Wedding Photographer.

Choose your Photographer based on the quality of his work and not the price. The Photographer of your Wedding should be more than just a “technician” you pay to “press the button”. 

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Memories, to remember later. In life we all like to remember nice moments. The Wedding is one of those moments! Don’t forget, the pictures, álbum and video will be the only memories you will have from your memorable day.

Invest in quality. We all have budgets, but choosing your Wedding Photographer based on the price can be very expensive and disappointing. The quality of a Photographer, the experience, the style, the equipment, are naturally visible in his pictures. Do not leave to the last moment to decide who will be your Wedding Photographer, especially in busy dates.

Fotografia de Casamento. Noivos.

The styles. The most common styles in Wedding Photography are the Traditional, more formal and with a lot of posing, or Photoujornalism, a more informal  style, where the sensibility of the Photographer shows up when he captures the right moment. In this case the pictures are more spontaneous.

Do not stress with the formal portraits. Some couples do not feel comfortable in photo sessions, especially in their Wedding day. Others present the Photographer a huge list of poses and the photo session can last for a long time. The Bride and the Groom as well as their guests get bored and do not enjoy the Wedding. In the group photos, try to save some time taking pictures of big groups instead couples. A bigger group originates more dynamic pictures.

Trust in the Photographer Creativity. When you hire a Photographer, you receive not only the reportage and editing services, but also all the know-how, the experience and creativity. Some of the best Wedding pictures are spontaneous and captured thanks to the Photographer creativity. Trying to control the Photographer destroy that creativity.

The Venue should be chosen take in consideration the basic conditions for a good photographic work. Wedding Photography needs space and needs light to exist. Ambient lights are fundamental when you want to avoid the use of flash that is so upsetting to the couple and their guests. Good lighting is fundamental. When defining the disposition of places for the cerimony, do not forget to leave enough space for the Photographer to move around without disturbing the guests or interrupt the wedding. When you choose the place for the cutting of the cake or family pictures always pay attention to the background. See the place from differente angles. A simple background with soft colors is the ideal.

Posing or no posing? Forcing poses in all photos take us to an álbum full of… yellow smiles! Not all of us are models and it will be not on our Wedding day that we will become one. Posing requires lots of learning and work. In your Wedding day, act normally and have fun, the good pictures will appear naturally!

Last… Have fun! Have fun and let the Wedding flow, enjoy your day and those unrepeatable moments!